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I-Slide3 & 4 Basic Flat Top System

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TURFSIDER® Roll Up Curtain System (off site)

LCS Side Kits System - Post/Bow/Tarp

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Tarp Technology Innovation

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Load Covering Solutions welcomes you to our company servicing the North America Truck & Trailer Industry with a Diversified Range of Tarpaulin Systems and Related Accessories. With over 4 decades of experience, LCS made the decision in 2014 to become the 1st and only manufacturer of proven Aerodynamic's for Rolling Tarp Systems on open deck flatbed trailers.

Special Thanks to EBD Transport in Winnipeg Canada for being the 1st fleet to equip their Super B Trains with the Windmaster 110" Wide Western Canada Spec. These systems are the widest and highest systems in Western existence. Thank you Quality Trailers for this opportunity. Two pictures Below.

Our group of companies have spent over three decades, design engineering, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality of custom manufactured tarpaulin covers and mechanized systems for a multitude of transportation applications.

Whatever your load covering requirements are, our company has you totally covered, for flatbed, open top dump, hopper, and waste management trailers, covering metal & building supply products, general freight, machinery & aviation components, aggregate, agricultural, waste and a wide range of other products.

All Products Brochure (.pdf)

If you're looking for accessory products we carry a wide range of custom made Storage Boxes, Trailer Bulkheads, Drop Deck Load Levelers, Cargo Equipment, Lumber & Steel Tarps and the lowest cost in Fuel Saving Devices "Airtabs" for trucks, trailers, RV's buses and cars.

Looking to impact your company's marketing with "Over the Road Advertising"? We will design four colour promotional material to be printed on any of our applicable load covering systems and provide a low profile interchangeable aluminum frame system for those customers that want to revolve advertising on the sides of their highway van trailers.

Looking to maximize your 53ft van cargo interior cube capacity with a onetime purchase solution? Our captive "Man-U Lift" Decking systems will not only provide you with individual multi-tier decking capabilities but you can retrofit to the next van trailer you purchase after having the product in service for over 11 years, and that's a fact!

If there is a load to cover and you think it can't been done, please contact our team of creative design engineers and let us show you how to make the impossible, a reality!

Please enjoy navigating throughout our website and contact us if we can assist you in making that next purchase.

Extensive testing of Airtab® around the world has provided substantial evidence that Airtab® delivers extraordinary benefits by reducing aerodynamic drag & turbulence.

Important Transportation Documents & News

  • Federal Size Regulations for Commercial Motor Vehicles

    The Airtab® Advantage
  • Greater Stability
  • Less Driver Effort
  • Save on Fuel
  • Tractor Trailer Combinations
  • RVs, Buses and Soft Sided Trailers