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I-Slide3 & 4 Basic Flat Top System

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TURFSIDER® Roll Up Curtain System (off site)

LCS Side Kits System - Post/Bow/Tarp

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Tarp Technology Innovation

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Tarp Technology Innovation® Overview

Our company takes great pride in custom design engineering to our customer's wide range of versatile covering requirements. Although specializing in continuous technological advancement for our own tarpaulin systems our group of companies will tackle any outside specialty project.

We deal with a wide range of world leaders in industrial textile manufacturing, supplying high quality roll goods such as polyethylene's, mesh, PVC coated vinyl's and highly sophisticated tension fabrics.

Whatever your custom tarp covering requirements are, call the team at Tarp Technology Innovations and put us to the test. We have the state of the Art equipment to get the job done.

Bar Scanning of
Customer Work Orders
1) All internal work orders are tracked with live labour tickets allowing production to know where each order is within the system.

Carousel cutting table
2) Able to store up to 25 rolls of wide material on one of the largest revolving carousals in the business we can locate the exact product for the job as it is ready to hit the cutting table.

60ft Hot Air Welding Machine

Dual Head Reinforcing

Welding 2" PVC Cargo Belting

3) Utilizing a one of a kind 60ft continuous automatic hot air welding machine, we can weld 2" wide hems, 1"to 2" seams, dual head welding for 12" wide reinforcing and 2" PVC cargo belting.

High Frequency Welding
4) Equipped with specialty high frequency welding capabilities we can provide specific welding to enhance any cover design.

Double Needle Sewing
5) Sewing remains a specialty trade of industrial fabrication and with the combination of only state of the art double needle lock stitch sewing machines, combined with highly skilled operators we can customize any fitted cover as required.

Automatic Grommet Feed
6) Brass Spur grommets are set with pneumatic grommet machines to ensure each tarpaulin cover hem has the proper locking eyelets for which various methods of tie-downs will follow.

Digital Print Advertising
7) All covers can be enhanced with digital imaging to impact your target markets. We can design your messaging and have it printed. To ensure your advertising is protected for up to 5 years, a 32 micron urethane coated liquid clear coat is applied over each digital print.

"Not Just Another Tarp Company"

Load Covering Solutions providing replacement covers for retractable cargo hatches on Great Lakes & Ocean Ships.