Flatbed Load Covering Systems:

Windmaster SMARTLOOK - 10% Aerodynamics

Windmaster GR8LOOK Rolling Tarp System

the LOOK® Flat Top Modular Systems (off site)

SLIDE KIT™ Dome Roof Steel Haulers System

I-Slide3 & 4 Basic Flat Top System

Custom Over-Dimensional Systems

LCT - Load Covering Utility Trailers (off site)

Hard Top-Soft Side Curtain Systems

QuickslideSlide Curtain Systems

Live Haul Side Curtain Systems

TURFSIDER® Roll Up Curtain System (off site)

LCS Side Kits System - Post/Bow/Tarp

Service Repairs of all Systems

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Soft Side Trailers & Bodies

Hard Side Trailers & Bodies


Retractable/Rolling Portable Structure

Open Top Load Covering Systems:

Over Center Pivot Dump Covers

Pull Style Covers

Retractable Dump Covers

Side Roll Covers

Waste Systems

Multi Tier Decking Systems:
Multi Tier Decking

Custom Tarpaulins:

Tarp Technology Innovation

Flatbed Sliding Tarpaulins

Flatbed Side Curtains

Side Kit & Custom Covers

Lumber, Steel, Flat Tarps

Dump Truck & Trailers


Contract Servcies

Accessory Products:

Cargo Equipment

Storage Boxes



Load Levelers & Ramps

Headache Racks

Under Rack Storage Compartments

Cross Bow Storage compartment

Lockable Chain Racks

Fuel Saving Devices:

Airtab Fuel Savers

Wind Skirts for Van Trailers

Wind Skirts for Flatbed Trailers

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Tarp Technology Innovations®

If you are looking for a company to supply contract labour service for your supplied materials contact us and we will be more then happy to quote on your requirements.

Operating the only 60ft Hot Air Automatic welding machine of its kind we can do welded hemming, seams, reinforcing or strap reinforcements on your materials to your design.

Need specialized, detailed custom welding, our 10KW electronic high frequency bar welders are equipped with 1/4", 1" & 2" wide bars for those specific applications

We operate double needle lock stitch sewing machines with 1/4", 1" and 2-1/2" guides.

We operate pneumatic grommet machines with a #3 brass spur, which will cut through and seat into thick layers of materials.

Contact us for pricing.

Welded Seams and Single or Double Fold Over
Welded Hems in 1" or 2" widths

Specialty Reinforcing

Wide Weldable Cargo Belting